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Hosted by Kevin West (CEO, K logix) and Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix), Cybersecurity Business interviews CISOs and other security leaders to hear their advice about the business of information security. This podcast gives our listeners actionable takeaways to help them increase the effectiveness of their security programs.


Why k Logix?

We helps organizations confidently align Information security with business goals.

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Kevin and Kevin have been in information security for over 16 years. As the founder and CEO of K logix, Kevin West started the company because he saw a need in the market to provide services to help CISOs and security leaders who want to make the business of information security better. After starting a thought leadership information security magazine called Feats of Strength, which includes interviews with over 100 CISOs, Kevin and Kevin decided to expand these interviews into a podcast series. 


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Episode 1: "Women in Security" with Jim Routh, CSO, Aetna

We sat down with Jim Routh, former CSO at Aetna, to discuss some important issues around diversity in security.  

Episode 2: "At-Risk Data and the Dark Web" with Chris Dunning, CSO, Affinion

We sat down with Chris Dunning, CSO, Affinion, to talk about at-risk data, the dark web, and how to better secure your program.

Episode 3: "Identity & Access Management" with John Masserini, CISO, Millicom

We sat down with John Masserini, CISO, Millicom, to discuss identity and access management in the current security environment.

Episode 4: "The Next Generation of Security Professionals" with Binit Shrestha, Security Software Engineer, HubSpot and Chris McLellan, CSO, Hubspot

We sat down with Binit Shrestha, Security Software Engineer, HubSpot and Chris McLellan, CSO, HubSpot and discussed the security environment through the eyes of emerging security professionals.

Episode 5: "Security & Healthcare" with Dr. David Reis, EVP & CIO, Hackensack Meridian Health

We sat down with Dr. David Reis, EVP & CIO, HubSpot and discussed Reis' experience in the industry as it specifically relates to the healthcare vertical.

Episode 6: "The Ever-Evolving Role of the CISO" with Nasrin Rezai, EVP & Global CISO, GE

We sat down with Nasrin Rezai, EVP & Global CISO, GE and discussed Nasrin's career and her thoughts on the evolving nature of the CISO role.

Episode 7: "Proactive vs. Reactive Security" with Mark Ramsey, CISO, ASSA ABLOY

We sat down with Mark Ramsey, CISO, ASSA ABLOY and discussed Mark's thoughts on the differences between reactive and proactive security programs..

Episode 8: "Feats of Strength September 2019" 

Kevin West (CEO, K Logix) and Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix) sit down and discuss our latest issue of our magazine Feats of Strength, and how CISOs can work towards reducing complexity.

Episode 9: "The Importance of (Good) Security Culture" with Sue Bergamo, CIO & CISO, Episerver 

Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix) sits down with Sue Bergamo (CIO & CISO, Episerver) to discuss security culture and the importance of robust security awareness programs.

Episode 10: "Creating a Transformation Cybersecurity Strategy" with Kevin DeLange, VP & CISO, IGT

Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix) sits down with Kevin DeLange (VP & CISO, IGT) to discuss digital transformation and how to keep up with the rapid pace of technology.

Episode 11: "Cybersecurity Workforce Development" with Dr. Eman El-Sheikh, Director, Center for Cybersecurity, University of West Florida

Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix) sits down with Dr. Eman El-Sheikh (Director, Center for Cybersecurity, University of West Florida) and discuss her thoughts on the challenges and innovations surrounding Cybersecurity workforce development.

Episode 12: "Back to Basics" with Sue Bergamo, CIO & CISO, Episerver

Katie Haug (Marketing Director, K logix) sits down with Sue Bergamo (CIO & CISO, Episerver) and discusses her thoughts on what it means to get back to security basics.

Episode 13: "Zero Trust" with Dave Ledoux, VP of Technology Services, Nizhoni Health

Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix) sits down with Dave Ledoux (VP of Technology Services, Nizhoni Health) to discuss his thoughts on the often controversial topic of Zero Trust. 

Episode 14: "Leadership in Security" with Chris Dunning, CSO, Tenerity

Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix) sits down with Chris Dunning (CSO, Tenerity) to discuss his thoughts on leadership in security and how CISOs can drive transformation within the business


Read our Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Cybersecurity to read more about how to develop a successful security program.

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