Strategic Services & Capabilities

Security Investment Assessment

  • Gain clarity by measuring the impact of existing security investments through 3 lenses:
    • Operational impact
    • Risk mitigation
    • Financial cost
  • Benchmark investments to justify present and future decisions

Project Advisory

  • Select, implement, and manage a technology investment through our repeatable methodology.
  • We identify the criteria of technical challenges, leverage business analysis and utilize our security expertise to find the appropriate solution.

Internal Research


Actionable Risk Assessment

  • Justify budget to executives in business language
  • Benchmark to improve executive engagement
  • Build confidence with customer and accelerate your ability to mature your security program

Threat and Incident Services

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Identify areas of weakness and exposure inside and outside of your infrastructure.
  • Our Vulnerability Assessment:
    • Tests the strength and security of your environment
    • Identifies high-risk vulnerabilities
    • Reports on the overall strength of your environment
    • Provides business-focused recommendations to improve your security posture
Reduce attacks by 90%
Understand business impact

Incident Response Services

  • Immediate response and containment of a cyber attack to reduce impact.
  • Comprehensive triage process.
  • Enable your incident response plan to ensure immediate incident response readiness, decreased cost and on-going improvement and effectiveness.

Shrink the time between incident detection and resolution

Reduce probability of any future threats

Act confidently

Penetration Testing

  • Our Network, Application and Mobile Security Penetration Testing provide comprehensive analysis of network, infrastructure and applications to identify vulnerabilities and how to remediate them.
  • The results include:
    • High-risk vulnerabilities report on the overall strength of the environment
    • Remediation suggestions to improve security posture

Protect brand and reputational value

92% of CISOs complete a yearly Penetration Test

Provide justification for security spend

Compromise Assessment

  • Gain visibility into the presence of potential compromise indicators.
  • Our process includes:
    • Assessing your environment
    • Analyzing evidence
    • Reporting on findings
    • Providing ACTIONABLE reccomendations

Our Compromise Assessment answers:

  • Have I been compromised?
  • How did the compromise happen?
  • How widespread is the compromise?
  • How should I remediate?

Technology Services

Product Design and Implementation

  • Architecture, design and implementation of security technology to effectively secure critical data, systems and people.
  • Our customized administrator training sessions position our customers to effectively support the solution.

Before implementing a new technology:

  • Understand how to fill gaps in your current investments with K logix's Security Investment Assessment.
  • Discover how to clear the clutter of areas of the marketspace with K logix's Internal Research Analysis.

Technology Solution Partners

  • We selectively partner with security technology companies that address the business and technical needs of our customers. 
75% of organizations lack a skilled cybersecurity team
Do you lack the time and talent to make new technology investments? 
Our Project Advisory service accelerates the time for technology investment selection, implementation and management by 90%. 

Education & Awareness

Social Engineering and Spear Phishing

  • Spear Phishing: Assess an organization’s defenses and response to a wide variety of social engineering and phishing techniques.
  • Social Engineering: Assess an organization's physical security posture and policies by attempting to physically infiltrate an organization's facility and ex-filtrate sensitive data.

91% of targeted attacks use spear phishing

The average business user faces at least one risky email per day

Gauge security awareness and effectiveness of people

Secure Code Review

  • Identify security flaws and evaluate the overall security posture of the application.
  • Secure coding practices training for developers.
  • An actionable remediation plan addressing the context of the application for each discovered vulnerability.
  • Direct communication with customer's development team to ensure vulnerabilities and their remediation are fully understood.

Security built into lifecycle of application development

Avoid exposing weaknesses

Better security minded developers = decreased risk

Security Awareness Training

  • Establishing a successful training program should start with board support.
  • We help security leaders gain support and establish a security culture.
  • Our training is structured around an organization’s existing security policies and helps instill security awareness and knowledge to all users.

Integrate employees into protecting the business

Up to 95% of all security incidents involved human error

Reduce the chance of a successful attack by 10-15%