Board and Executive Awareness Report (BEAR)

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Communicating Cyber Security with Boards & Executives

In this complimentary workshop, Ryan Spelman, Managing Director of Cyber Risk, shares best practices and impactful tactics to bridge the communication gap between business and security. The discussion can be tailored to your specific industry and business or technical challenges. Topics include how your industry-specific trends, regulations, internal politics, corporate goals and more impact your strategy and relationship with executives.


This meeting covers:

  • Education around strategy and communication

  • Q&A to determine your board and executive readiness

  • Receive a PDF with your maturity level, recommendations, free resources, and more

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This Workshop and BEAR Report Deliverable Will Help Guide you to:

  • - Understand where you are and what you need to do to improve
  • - Devise an effective communication strategy or make improvements to what you are already doing
  • - Align security goals with the business to establish or evolve trust with executives 
  • - Convey the value of security 
  • - Tell a data-driven story to demonstrate the impact and value of security