Security Assessments


Advance Security Program Maturity While Reducing Risk​

K logix Security Assessments provide strategic and tactical recommendations to address security program gaps, areas of strength, and deliver a clearly defined roadmap. These recommendations are turned into an actionable plan designed to drive the ongoing advancement of an organization’s security strategy.

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Map to a Framework



CIS Controls

or other industry standard framework



  • Increase influence of cybersecurity leadership
  • Achieve a strategic, proactive and top-down approach
  • Obtain an independent, third party view into your security program





Security Framework Assessment Sample Deliverables:

  • Narrative Report PDF: Identified common theme risk areas and executive-friendly findings and recommendations.
  • Engagement PowerPoint: Includes detailed findings summarizing strength areas, opportunities for improvement, and more.
  • Executive PowerPoint:  High-level view of findings tailored for executive audiences.
  • Roadmap: Recommendations for a move-forward strategy to meaningfully advance the security program and posture.
  • Six Month To Do Lists: Areas to take immediate action including foundational security program areas and tactical risk mitigation items.

Security Framework Assessment Lenses: 

Outside of the core assessment deliverables, any combination of these lenses may be added on to any Framework Assessment

  • Customer-Responsible Cloud Controls: A single dashboard displaying security posture indicators demonstrating gaps, capabilities, and a point in time view on the defensive stance of current cloud deployed services
  • Cyber Threats: Matrix view of threat preparedness utilizing relevant attack surfaces
  • Mobile Device Security: Single dashboard displaying security posture indicators demonstrating gaps, capabilities, and a point in time view on the defensive stance regarding mobile oriented threats and risks
  • Policy & Procedure: Evaluates if policies and procedures are in place, mostly in place, partially in place, or not in place
  • Privacy Posture: High-level view of privacy posture to understand maturity pertaining to cybersecurity risks, and associated privacy-related risks and events
  • Key Posture Security Indicators: High-level view of security program, appropriate for executive audience
  • Realm Definition Workshop: Workshop to conceptualize the realms comprising the technical environment and produce a high-level/executive-friendly network diagram
  • Regulatory & Compliance Mapping: Map to GDPR, State Privacy Laws, PCI, etc. and determine alignment to NIST or ISO
  • Security Team - People and Structure: Identifies the current state of the security team and opportunities for advancement
  • Security Penetration Testing: Full suite of security testing services including penetration testing and configuration reviews
  • Technology Stack Workshop: Collaborative discussion identifying ownership/licensing of technologies currently in use and identify gaps

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