Security Assessments


Advance Security Program Maturity While Reducing Risk​


Getting a third party view into your security program gives you a fresh look at how to balance your goals, challenges and requirements, and determine where to invest your time and resources. Whether you are looking at aligning to a framework, combatting threats, or better understanding your cloud maturity, K logix's assessments deliver exactly what you need - a clear plan to improve and continue to protect your organization. Our assessments focus on both business and security, delivering results you can share with executives to gain their mindshare and buy-in. 


K logix Security Assessments provide strategic and tactical recommendations to address any areas of weakness. Each assessment is custom tailored to your needs, taking into account your industry, organizational constraints, business goals and technical challenges. Our team has been in your shoes - we understand what you need most out of an assessment.  Our recommendations are business-friendly, using business language so you can easily present to your executives and not only educate, but also justify your decisions. We are always focused on driving the ongoing advancement of your security strategy.

Go beyond only meeting compliance requirements, and take a proactive, risk-based approach with K logix assessments


Strengthen your Cybersecurity Posture




Benefits of K logix

Security Assessments



Arrow 4-29Increase influence of cybersecurity leadership

Arrow 4-29Achieve a strategic, proactive and top-down approach

Arrow 4-29Obtain an independent, third party view into your security program


What the Industry Says






Types of Security Assessments



Risk Assessment

  • Align security program risk to an industry-standard framework like NIST, ISO, or CIS

  • Receive strategic and tactical recommendations to address security program gaps, areas of strength, and deliver a clearly defined roadmap

  • Turn threat and impact into business-friendly language and results

  • Mature and reduce risk with an actionable plan, aligned to your specific goal

  • Security Risk Assessment Datasheet



Framework Assessment

  • Align to a framework: NIST, ISO, CIS Controls, HIPAA, Pre-SOC

  • Receive strategic and tactical recommendations to address security program gaps, areas of strength, and deliver a clearly defined roadmap 

  • Get a better understanding of your maturity against a framework and identify key gaps that need addressing

  • Framework Assessment Datasheet





Ransomware & Threat Assessments

  • Custom tailored to address the most impactful threats facing your organization

  • Participate in interviews to take a business-case driven approach to combatting threats

  • Extensive review and workshopping led by our threat experts

  • Receive a detailed look at your maturity against threats, such as measuring against the NIST CSF Ransomware Framework for any Ransomware Assessments

  • Ransomware Assessment Datasheet 



Cloud Security Assessment

  • Measurement against best practices for cloud security

  • Recommendations for improving management of cloud infrastructure and key SaaS application security

  • Guidance that clearly aligns business needs with cloud infrastructure and security

  • Cloud Security Assessment Datasheet


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