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EP 18: How to Invest in the Right Security Technology



Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix) sits down with Rosa Feygin (Head of Security, Vistaprint) and discusses her thoughts on how to clear the security product clutter and invest in the right technologies for your organization.

Interview Questions:

(00:01:05) - How did your security strategy take shape at Vistaprint?

(00:03:45) - When it comes to clearing the clutter and deciding on the right investment for your organization, where do you start?

(00:07:23) - Do you use any third parties or tools to uncover risk areas of investment?

(00:09:15) - What are the most cluttered security product spaces in your opinion?

(00:14:00) - Do you engage with new security technologies/startups?

(00:15:54) - Do you enlist help from your peers when trying to decide on the right investment or product?

(00:17:50) - Are you finding that you’re having to increasingly justify your investments and spend to the board?

(00:21:50) - Are budgets going to keep increasing to satisfy all these security companies? Are we in a bubble?


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