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Profile: Eddie Galang, CISO, Port of Long Beach
Download Eddie's Feats of Strength Profile Eddie Galang is a seasoned ...
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Profile: Jessica Sica, Head of Security, Weave
Download Jessica's Feats of Strength Profile Jessica Sica did not foll...
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Profile: Andrew Smeaton, CISO, Afiniti
Download Andrew Smeaton's Profile Andrew Smeaton is a veteran CISO wit...
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Profile: Gernette Wright, IT Security Officer, Schneider Electric
Gernette Wright has over 25 years of experience transforming and build...
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Profile: Hugh Tower-Pierce, CISO, Millennium Trust Company
Hugh Tower-Pierce has over 23 years of experience in both technical an...
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Profile: Jacob Combs, Chief Product Officer/Senior Director Medical Device Cybersecurity, Insulet
Jacob’s career in technology and security has spanned many different i...
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Profile: Carlos Cong, Deputy CISO, Paychex
Carlos Cong has worked in technology for over 20 years and always been...
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Profile: Scott King, CISO, Encore Capital Group
Scott King has worked in information technology and security his entir...
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Profile: Billy Norwood, CISO, FFF Enterprises
Billy Norwood has over 20 years’ experience working across many roles ...
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Profile: Alexander Bermudez, CISO, Fisker, Inc.
View Alex's Full Profile Alex Bermudez is currently the Chief Informat...
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Profile: Matthew Mudry, CISO, HomeServe North America
Read Matthew's Profile (Featured in the December 2022 Feats of Strengt...
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Profile: Alan Berry, CISO, Centene Corporation
Read Alan's Profile (Featured in December 2022 Feats of Strength Magaz...
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Profile: Frederick Webster, ISO, BCBSRI
READ FRED'S PROFILE Fred is featured in the September 2022 Feats of St...
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Profile: Joe Corsi, Deputy CISO, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
READ JOE'S PROFILE Joe is featured in the September 2022 Feats of Stre...
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Profile: Jonathan Sanchez, CISO, TRC Companies, Inc.
READ JOANTHAN'S PROFILE Jonathan is featured in the September 2022 Fea...
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