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EP 17: Best Practices for Benchmarking in Cybersecurity

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Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix) sits down with Dmitriy Sokolovskiy (CSO/CISO & VP, Information Security, Avid) to discuss how to best benchmark against yourself and the industry.

Interview Questions:

(00:01:12) - You’ve been at Avid for over 3 years now as CISO - rewind it back to when you were just starting that role, what was your overall approach to securing your organization?

(00:03:25) - What is your approach to benchmarking when it comes to showing the year over year success of your security program?

(00:05:36) - Do you get pressure from your board to demonstrate how you're doing vs. the industry and competitors?

(00:09:05) - What metrics do you find most impactful?

(00:12:17) - Do you use any third parties or tools to help gather those kinds of metrics?

(00:13:59) - What are some common challenges that organizations face when it comes to benchmarking success?

(00:18:30) - Where do you see the role of the CISO moving 5, 10 years down the line?


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