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EP 20: Digital Supply Chain Risk Management

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Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix) sits down with Ryan Spelman (Managing Director of the Consulting, K logix) and discusses his thoughts on Digital Supply Chain Risk Management and how to be proactive in preventing attacks.


Interview Questions:

(00:01:05) - How would you frame the topic of Digital Supply Chain Risk Management and what does it mean to you?

(00:02:36) Is this an emerging issue or on the rise? How big is the problem and how long has it been around?

(00:03:58) - Is this a board-level issue? Do most organizations' boards care about this and, if so, why is it so important?

(00:05:17) Are programs like this being funded or receiving funding once the board understands the importance?

(00:07:15) - What is a great way to spot the early warning signs of vulnerabilities within a company's supply-chain?

(00:09:07) Is there a way to assess a company's third-party risk management or are there specific frameworks to follow?

(00:11:21) There are clearly some products that can help with maturing and building a program, but it also largely sounds like a consulting effort. What is your view on product vs. consulting?

(00:14:55) - What's next? How do you think this issue is going to change over the next 3-5 years?

(00:17:20) How specifically can K logix help with each of the 3 lenses of Digital Supply Chain Risk Management?


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