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EP 21: Why Hire BISOs?

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Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix) sits down with Nicole Kinney (BISO, Fifth Third Bank) and discusses the importance of BISOs and why organizations should look to have this role on their InfoSec team.*

*As a disclaimer, these are the views of Nicole Kinney, not Fifth Third Bank.



(01:13) - Define the Business Information Security Officer (BISO) role. How does one become a BISO? Tell us about your journey.

(03:50) Do most BISOs need to be as technical as a CISO?

(04:13) - How long have BISOs been around?

(05:25) Since the role is still evolving, is it hard for a BISO to define success for themselves? How do BISOs define success for themselves?

(06:55) - Expand on how the BISO role differs from a CISO and can a BISO perform their job function without a CISO in-place?

(08:26) - Could your next career move be a CISO role?

(09:30) What teams do you find yourself working with on a regular basis more so than others?

(10:55) - What are some challenges that you have faced, or have heard other BISOs have faced, in this role?

(12:05) What advice would you give someone else in terms of career trajectory and skill set that would allow them to become a BISO sooner rather than later?

(13:31) As a BISO, who do you go to as a peer or are you in the same peer groups as CISOs?

(16:35)- How do you view the future unfolding with BISOs? Are they going to become more prominent? Is this an up-and-coming role? Do you see every company having a BISO in the future?


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