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EP 19: AI & Machine Learning


Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix) sits down with Dwayne Steinway (CISO, Audacy) and discusses his thoughts on AI & Machine Learning and how its impacting cybersecurity programs today.

Interview Questions:

(00:01:04) - As Audacy's first formal security leader, what made them decide to make security a priority and hire a CISO?

(00:03:45) - What’s your definition of AI and Machine Learning as it relates to security?

(00:07:25) - Aren't the bad actors/adversaries using AI for mal intent?

(00:08:30) - What marketspace or program area do you think most benefits from the use of AI and machine learning?

(00:10:57) - Do you find it’s easier or harder to justify AI/ML spend to the board compared to other technologies?

(00:14:45) - With what’s happening around us with Russia & the Ukraine, any idea on how AI and machine learning can play a role from a cyber perspective? Is AI/ML a factor?

(00:17:32) - Where do you see the role of the AI and machine learning moving 5 years down the line?


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