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EP 22: Zero Trust Best Practices

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Kevin Pouche (COO, K logix) sits down with Joe Corsi (Deputy CISO, Excellus BCBS) and discusses Zero Trust Best Practices and why they are so important.



(01:05) - What is your definition of Zero Trust and what are the core pillars?

(05:00) How did you get started with this process, tackling the core pillars and meeting with the executives?

(06:57) - Would you say it is or is not challenging to get employees on board?

(09:31) What is the most challenging part of achieving Zero Trust?

(11:03) - When it comes to achieving Zero Trust, is it high in the sky to think you can 100% achieve Zero Trust?

(13:28) - Do you think remote work has a huge impact in acceleration at organizations?

(15:10) Do you think there's an intersection between Zero Trust and Digital Transformation Initiatives?

(16:45) - Are you at a state now where you're starting to intertwine education from a training and awareness perspective with the concept of Zero Trust?

(18:04) Is this something every single organization should be baking into their Information Security Strategy?


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