EP 28: Cybersecurity Budgets
Kevin Pouche, COO of K logix, sits down with Chuck Thomas, Information...
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Breakdown of the MOVEit Transfer Breach and MITRE ATT&CK Mapping
What Happened? MOVEit Transfer is Progress Software’s managed file tra...
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Profile: Eddie Galang, CISO, Port of Long Beach
Download Eddie's Feats of Strength Profile Eddie Galang is a seasoned ...
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Profile: Jessica Sica, Head of Security, Weave
Download Jessica's Feats of Strength Profile Jessica Sica did not foll...
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Profile: Andrew Smeaton, CISO, Afiniti
Download Andrew Smeaton's Profile Andrew Smeaton is a veteran CISO wit...
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The Cybersecurity Talent Market (2023)
THE SKILLS GAP According to a recent report by Cybersecurity Ventures,...
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EP 27: Identity
Kevin Pouche, COO of K logix, sits down with Rob Preta, Head of Cybers...
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How the SEC Views Materiality
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted a new rule th...
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EP 26: Talent Development & Retention
Kevin Pouche, COO of K logix, sits down with Jay Wiley, Deputy CISO an...
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Updated SEC Rules on Cybersecurity
On July 26th, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted their muc...
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The Fundamentals of API Security
Introduction: Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are pivotal dr...
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The Positive Side of AI
OVERVIEW OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE In this day and age, Artificial In...
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The CISO’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence
ChatGPT has made Artificial Intelligence (AI) a widespread topic of co...
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ChatGPT in the Workplace
Why to limit employee use, and what it means to your business ChatGPT,...
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Profile: Gernette Wright, IT Security Officer, Schneider Electric
Gernette Wright has over 25 years of experience transforming and build...
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