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Rapidly make a justified security product investment using K logix's vendor agnostic methodology


The security product market is cluttered - from legacy products to new and innovative technologies constantly flooding in. We understand that determining where to make an investment may be overwhelming and time consuming. It is easy to get lost in buzzwords and marketing hype, and the time it takes to hear vendor pitches, educate yourself on the marketspace, dedicate internal staff to evaluating technology, and finally getting to proof of concept, it becomes a drag on your productivity. 


Our Technology Advisory service uses a vendor-agnostic, risk-based and business case driven approach. The result is an analysis-backed, justified technology product investment decision. 

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The K logix Cyber Research Team

The K logix Cyber Research team is made up of passionate and analytical thinkers who meticulously examine the cybersecurity technology marketspace. We take an agnostic approach by using our proprietary database to test and analyze security products based on extensive requirements, domains, and weightings. The dynamic nature of our analysis enables customers to use custom weightings of domains and requirements to determine the best fit technology based on their specific based on their needs and architecture.

Save Time and Resources

We have done the work for you. Our experts produce results fast, saving your team valuable time. 

Read our API Technology Advisory case study. 

Spend Budget Wisely

Budgets are not unlimited, we understand every dollar counts when investing in a new technology, and requires justification.

Read our Third Party Technology Advisory case study.  

Align to the Business

Understanding what technology best fits your requirements is important, but then translating that so the business understands your decision is paramount.

Read our Identity and Access Management Technology Advisory Case study.

We apply our Technology Advisory Methodology to any security area: 

Application Programming Interface 

Attack Surface Management

Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

Data Governance



Insider Threat

Identity and Access Management

Managed Threat Detection

Managed Security Service Provider

Secure Access Service Edge


Security Information and Event Management

Third Party Risk

Extended Detection and Response - XDR

+ any other security technology area

Technology Advisory ProcessLine2-14


Technology Advisory Results Line2-14




Identification of where products had critically different scores and which products meet (and miss) identified key requirements


Technology Scoring


Graphs and charts that compare product scoring using weighted domains and requirements



Vendor Demos


Script and scorecard creation based on specific customer requirements, combined with facilitated vendor demos that speak directly to key requirements