Technology Advisory


Rapidly make a justified security product investment using K logix's vendor agnostic methodology


K logix’s Technology Advisory service leverages our proven methodology using a vendor-agnostic, risk-based and business case driven approach. The result is an analysis-backed, justified technology product investment decision.

Make a technology product investment in any security marketspace area using our Technology Advisory service.


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Technology Advisory Benefits:

  1. Cross-Functional Collaboration: We bring together business and technical stakeholders to determine appropriate requirements for product evaluation and ensure buy-in across the organization
  2. Proven Methodology: We leverage our proven, repeatable methodology through workshops, interview sessions, and requirements analysis
  3. Data-Driven Justification: From kick-off to final result, we deliver a justified, analysis-backed technology decision with data-driven visuals
  4. Accelerated Time to Value: Leveraging K logix as an agnostic third party results in shorter timelines to a product decision

Technology Advisory Deliverables:

  • Heatmap: Identification of areas where products had critically different scores and which products meet (and miss) customer requirements
  • Technology Scoring: Using visual charts, compare product scoring against each other
  • Vendor Demos: Script and scorecard based on specific customer requirements with facilitated vendor demos

All of these visuals and content are wrapped up into an engagement overview and executive-friendly PowerPoint presentation. 

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