Checking In with CISOs

We spoke to CISOs we previously profiled and asked them to update us on their goals and challenges. 

CISOs are battling an uphill climb while playing an increasingly important role as safety officers in the digital transition of the enterprise. The job is tough, and sometimes it can be hard to see the progress through all the work. But, in the years we have been profiling CISOs we have seen the role evolve from a transactional program within IT to increasingly a strategic element of the company, with impact on innovation.

In the PWC Cyber Security 2017 study, David Burg said, “We’re seeing more and more that cybersecurity can actually become a remarkable way to help a company innovate and move faster.” Compared to two years ago, this is major progress for our industry. Here we check in with the CISOs we have profiled already, to gauge their own progress on solving security challenges, aligning with the business, and carving out a strategic role with executives and in the Boardroom.

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