Tester Talk: Recent Trends in Combatting Threats

Security programs are tasked with the on-going mission of keeping pace and staying ahead of cyber threats, often one of their biggest challenges. From our many CISO interviews (including those in this issue of the magazine), we hear that threats are increasing in complexity and adversaries are getting smarter, resulting in a greater focus on proactively protecting organizations.

There are fundamental security actions, often a keen balance of defensive, detection and responsive measures, to stay ahead of threats. Security leaders must invoke a strong awareness program to ensure all members of an organizations share the core common goal of keeping their employees, customers and data safe.

To stay ahead, regular security testing should be a common practice at all organizations, each requiring a different approach, tailored to their particular business and technical conditions. Testing should be done proactively before the impact of a threat, to avoid costly and disruptive outcomes.

We asked members of K logix’s highly skilled penetration testing team their thoughts on the latest cyber threats. Our goal was to better understand trends they encounter in their daily work helping customers bolster protective measures. Here’s what they had to say:
Tester Talk Bobby and David

Tester Talk Jeff Geroge Jake



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