Making Sense of a Crowded Endpoint Security Market

How We Help Our Clients Build the Right Solution

By Rick Grimaldi, Director of Information Security Services

Everybody is concerned about the endpoint. Study after study states that the endpoint is the top concern of CISOs and CIOs, and the biggest growth sector within security. As a result, every security vendor that touches the endpoint is staking a claim to the market, joining the traditional anti-virus players. The segment is crowded, noisy, and confusing.

How do you select the right endpoint security solution for your organization? Which factors will impact your decision? How will you quantify success?

At K logix, we are applying our technology on-boarding process to this market. With this process we take a step back from product features and functionality and we evaluate the endpoint security space through the lens of our Project Advisory Service. Our Project Advisory Service helps clients establish clear goals and requirements before determining if a specific technology is needed to solve a security problem. We involve business stakeholders and technical team members to ensure that the groups are in alignment before any investments are made. With regards to endpoint security, we identified key requirements that are common among both business and IT security stakeholders, including:

  • Productivity – The product cannot impact productivity. Drags on productivity negatively impact revenue and make it difficult for security teams to gain the buy-in and respect of executives and the organization.
  • Competitive Advantage – The solution must deliver business impact and ensure a competitive advantage.
  • Malware Defense - The solution must effectively address advanced malware.

Whether you need K logix to lead the investigation into your requirements with a Project Advisory Service, or if you need assistance with vendor selection and implementation, K logix can help you make a smart decision.  If you would like to learn more about our approach to endpoint security, or the results from some of our initial testing and its relevance to your business, please contact K logix.


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