Letter from Kevin West: September 2019


We asked ourselves and our CISO community, what is hindering your ability to transform at the same pace as the business? The answer was often the inability to reduce complexity. To security leaders, complexity means too many underutilized security products, teams with a limited amount of time, and struggling to advance at the same pace as the business. These things combined weigh down security programs, people, and technology when they try to rapidly move forward and strategically advance at the same rate as the business.

Because reducing complexity is an on-going, important issue facing the majority of our customers and the security community, we’ve created services to help you transform and keep pace. I want to highlight some of these services we created in response.

Reduce Complexity and Consolidate
CISOs may leverage organizations such as K logix to take the burden off their teams, increase the credibility of security, and ensure security programs keep pace with the business. One of the ways we do this is through our Security Investment Assessment (SIA) service.

Our SIA service evaluates your security products and establishes alignment to operational maturity, risk mitigation, and financial cost. One key output of SIA is allowing you to consolidate your number of products, focusing on the ones that make the most impact and align best with the technical and business requirements of the business. By divesting overlapping products, you save time and money, and by improving operational maturity, your program is able to keep pace with business transformations.
The end results of SIA enable you to eliminate redundancy, consolidate investments, operationalize or sunset underutilized investments, and improve retention by giving your team time back. In turn, you ensure your program keeps pace with business transformation and continually increases your credibility.

We go into more details about our SIA service on page 22 in this issue.

Making Justified Investment Decisions
If you are considering purchasing a new security product, our Project Advisory service agnostically helps you determine the best investment to make, based on your specific identified risk.
Our Project Advisory service helps clear the clutter by identifying and prioritizing business and technical outcomes that need to be achieved in order to remediate key risks and advance security programs. Our approach is not focused on market hype, but on our clients desired outcomes, security maturity, and operational capabilities. Our results save your team valuable time and provide a justified business decision. Through our six-step process, we take the burden off your team and leverage our proven methodology to narrow down security products in a justified, analysis-backed manner.

Not only are you able to present business-focused, executive-friendly results to gain budget for your decisions, but we typically do so in 90% less time than it would take to complete internally within a security program.

Overall, reducing complexity results in giving your team valuable time back, saving money, increasing your credibility, and advancing your security program at the same pace as the business.

We would love the opportunity to speak with you about how you plan to reduce complexity, and how K logix may be a fit for your needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more.


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