CASB Marketspace Analysis


K logix’s marketspace analysis of CASB can help

According to Gartner, by 2020 85% of large enterprises will use a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) with their cloud services, up from about 5% today. Gartner lists the top three concerns with cloud security as governance, cloud computing environments, and security and privacy.

These concerns are prevalent due to the unchartered nature of the current cloud security posture within organizations, which results in a lack of control and oversight, along with a multitude of visibility challenges. Based on conversations with our enterprise clients, it is clear to K logix that there is significant confusion and anxiety regarding upcoming CASB decisions. As a result, K logix is making our CASB Marketspace Analysis, a subset of our Data Protection Framework advisory service, available in the upcoming weeks.

The K logix CASB Marketspace Analysis will help clients distinguish the various approaches from each CASB vendor and help determine the appropriate solution that correlates best to solve their specific challenges related to cloud application visibility, data security, compliance, and threat prevention. Research indicates that these are the top four use cases among our client base.


Within our methodical process, the K logix Data Protection Framework identifies specific requirements our clients need to address, related to Data Discovery and Classification, Data Access Governance and Data Loss Prevention. Ultimately, our Project Advisory Service will help clients categorize use cases and understand which CASB solutions are the best fit based on their specific requirements and unique business needs.

K logix helps clients work effectively with business leaders to identify sensitive data, determine data ownership and classification, understand how data is managed and used, implement data handling processes, determine the requirements for technology to support the process and policies and evaluate specific technologies. Upon completion of the service, clients will be able to answer important questions, like:

1. Where (and what) is our sensitive data?
2. What do we do with unstructured, non-sensitive data and how can we reduce the noise?
3. Where does our data go, and how do I understand data flow and usage patterns?
4. Who has access to our data and how are permissions assigned?
5. What is the best solution or set of solutions for our specific needs?

Contact K logix today to learn more about our ongoing CASB Marketspace Analysis.

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