Artificial Intelligence Whitepaper: "The AI Wore Tennis Shoes"


AI in the Workplace:  A position paper on what organizations need to know and high-level guidance to consider 

K logix has drafted this whitepaper for a technical management and executive audience to consider and review as they explore using AI tooling in their organization. Our goal for readers is to takeaway: 

  • A better understanding of AI tools and how they function 
  • Clarity around the benefits and risks of these new tools 
  • Guidance around steps all organizations must take when: 
    • Preparing to pursue AI tools 
    • Building a program around AI tools 
    • Considerations when investing in a specific AI tool 

K logix’s consulting and research departments, drawing from their work with global businesses and their own extensive research on this fast-moving technology, developed this position paper. While we urge all organizations to practice due care and consider moving cautiously, we fully recognize and appreciate the advancement opportunities that AI tools represent. This position paper will assist organizations with building their policies and programs to reduce risk and safely unlock the benefits of this fantastic new software type. 


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Business-Aligned AI Security Strategy

Wondering if your organization is ready for AI? Confused about AI security implications? Not sure where to start? 

K logix can help with any AI needs. Our white glove consulting services help you better address AI - whether you need an AI Readiness Assessment or help with AI policy and procedure templates, whatever your need our experts are ready to help, drop us a note to learn more: info@klogixsecurity.com