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We helps organizations confidently align Information security with business goals.

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Artificial Intelligence: Reducing Cyber Risk

July 19th 11 am ET

In this webinar we will discuss what is AI, how it is being used both generally and in cyber security, and what guidelines organizations should be considering to reduce the risks of AI misuse and abuse.  Built on the extensive research of the K logix team, participants will walk away from this webinar with a deeper understanding of AI and how to answer questions from peers in their organization on how they should safely approach this expanding technology.

Password Cracking from an Attacker’s Perspective


 Offensive security will often target user passwords to move within environments and cross authentication boundaries. Password hashes are often targeted, and offensive security has evolved to tackle them. Offensive teams are always evolving but practitioners tend to use the same tricks and methodology. In this webinar we introduce new ways of upgrading password cracking methodologies to provide maximum value.

Three Steps to Address Regulatory Changes in 2023


Learn about three straightforward steps to prepare for regulatory changes coming up in 2023. We focus on changes related to New York State Department of Financial Services (NYS DFS), California Consumer Privacy Act/The California Privacy Rights Act (CCPA/CPRA), and The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We will go over why it matters to you and how you can help your organization address aspects of all three regulators with three simple improvements.

Implementing a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Strategy


K logix Senior Consultants and Researchers have agnostically studied and evaluated the complex SASE marketspace to help clear the noise and address the growing need for guidance. Tune into our webinar for an educational sessional with one of our experts.


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