Cloud Security


Gartner lists the top three concerns with cloud security as governance, cloud computing environments, and security and privacy. These concerns are prevalent due to the unchartered nature of the current cloud security posture within organizations, which results in a lack of control and oversight, along with a multitude of visibility challenges.

Cloud security challenges and considerations:

  • Policies & Processes: Put crucial policies into place so users may take advantage of the same cloud services that enable business growth without compromising security, compliance, and governance of corporate data.
  • Understanding Applications: It is important to understand the specific workflow of applications that are running in the cloud. Ensure that you secure and monitor the data access to these apps, then enforce policies that correlate to all users.
  • Data Governance: Recognize how your data is affected if a security event is detected and your data is seized for forensic analysis. It is important to understand the user access models when it comes to who is allowed to touch your data.
  • Data Encryption: Understand how your data is encrypted (in transit or at rest), along with knowing where the encrypted keys reside and how the keys are protected.
  • Location of Data: Be aware of the location of your cloud provider’s data, considering how it may affect your information security policies and regulatory compliance mandates.
  • Data Classification: Ensure you are able to perform your own data classification to enable appropriate user awareness and security levels for your sensitive data.


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